ATTENTION: Parents Who Want Their Children to Smash the 11 Plus and Be More Confident Than Ever!

Countdown to September 1st, 2020

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Can You Relate?

Like most parents:

Nothing matters to you more than giving your child the best start in life.

You want to go to the right school

To be nurtured towards excellent GCSE results...

surrounded by like minded students...

and on track for a life of freedom, security, and opportunity.

They only have one chance to pass the 11+

One chance to gain entry to your first-choice school

One chance to get this right

You’re determined to do whatever it takes

The last thing you want to do is let this opportunity go to waste

Or have future regrets about what ‘could have' been

And Now You're Asking Yourself...

...Are we on track?

...Have we covered all topics?

...Are we focusing on the right things?

...How to stop them from running out of time?

…How to stop them from making silly mistakes?

You’re probably asking yourself one, two, three!?

Don’t tell me you’re asking yourself ALL of those things?!

No wonder you feel stuck!

Because it actually IS complicated

(Especially if this is your first time going through the 11+)

You’re not expected to have all the answers!

In fact, how could you?

Who Can Help?

Nick Sierra is the CEO of Sierra Tuition LTD - a renowned online tuition centre specialising in the 11+ 

In 2019, Sierra Tuition helped 57 students achieve the pass mark or above in the 11 Plus exam

This was not a one-off achievement

In fact, Nick has been supporting families with their 11+ journey for over 7 years

He is truly passionate about teaching Maths and helping others to succeed because the 11 Plus is personal to him:

Though he did not go to a Grammar or Independent School...

The school he went to was right for him.

Because not only did he achieve 8 As and A*s...

He grew in confidence, developed important life skills, and made friends for life

Not only that, he gained the opportunity to fund-raise for a volunteering trip to Tanzania

This is what originally inspired him to start tutoring before setting up his own tuition centre

Ultimately, Nick wants to give families the option to be able decide which school is right for them

So that students get the support they need to live a life of freedom, security, and opportunity, too.

How Can We Help?

Below are details on our '11+ Maths Mastery - Online Tuition Course'

It includes everything you need to get your first-choice school by maxing-out marks in Mathematics to pass the 11+ 

1-to-1 Online Tuition

  • Tailored 1-to-1 online lessons with 11+ Maths specialists who are professional, experienced primary school teachers
  • ​Online via Skype so your child can see and hear your tutor and the tutors’ online whiteboard
  • Tailored to whichever schools you are targeting with the same tutor each week for stability and structure
  • ​Students call out their answers to on-screen questions so that tutors’ can check understanding in all 11+ Maths topics
  • ​Included in this package are 24 Online Tuition lessons (each one-hour long) with timings organised to suit your schedule - which you request after signing up - (anytime Monday-Sunday 8AM to 6PM) fitting all lessons before your exam date


  • Online, 11+ Maths mock tests to do from home that provide instant results via email
  • ​Tests all topics to identify urgent, weaker areas to clarify in the next tuition lesson
  • ​Challenging tests with the most advanced 11+ Maths to monitor their progress against top-level exam content
  • ​Achieving 90%+ in our mocks demonstrates excellence in Eleven-Plus Mathematics for all 11+ Grammar and Independent Schools
  • ​Including CEM, GL, CSSE, SET, and top-ranking schools such Tiffin, QE, St. Olave’s, Wilson's and Nonsuch

Video Course

  • On-demand access to over 40+ hours of video content to improve speed, accuracy, and exam technique
  • ​Learn from a pro - Nick’s fb lives are a favourite of many students and cover the full 11+ Maths curriculum to leave no stone unturned
  • ​Masterclasses to learn the most challenging topics step-by-step such as algebra, ratio, nth term, probability, word problems, and simultaneous equations


  • One, printable worksheet to complete after each lesson with exam-style questions to commit recently-learnt strategies/techniques into long-term memory
  • ​Challenging questions, aligned to whichever schools you are targeting, to build confidence with exam-level Maths content
  • ​Answers on the back for you and your child to mark to spot weaker areas for your tutor to build on in the next class

What's the Investment to Get Started?

If we charged £2,160 for this package, this would of course be a significant investment.

Yet, if it was enough to help you to get your first-choice school

would it be worth it?

If they were more confident than ever...

making progress faster than you even thought possible!

and motivated every step of the way

would it be worth it?

If it put them on track for a life of freedom, security, and opportunity… would it be worth it?

I’m guessing it would.

Luckily… you don't need to invest £2,160… you won’t even pay half...

In fact, you won't even pay 30% of that!

You can get full access to everything right now for just:

Online Tuition package 
One-Time Offer
  • 24 Online Tuition Lessons       worth £720
  • 40+ Hours of Full 11+ Maths Coverage       worth £1,200
  • 4 Online Mock Tests       worth £120
  • 24 Homework Worksheets (one after each lesson)        worth £120
  • Parental Advice and Support - priceless
  • Detailed Tutor Feedback - priceless
  • Personalised Learning Plans - priceless
  • Progress Reports - priceless
  • Private Members access - priceless

Easy Instalment Plan

By signing up today for £597, your child gets our full, undivided support

From a professional team with a track record of 11+ success

Is the 11+ not the best investment in their future for you to make right now?

This package is worth £2,160

Many families have received our full support for £894

Which is still an absolute bargain for everything included when you sign up!

But, what really matters is that:

We’ll help you get free from the Chaos, Stress, and Confusion

And replace it with Structure, Confidence, and Clarity!

Want even better news!?

The £597 can be paid in 3 monthly instalments at no extra cost

(3 x £199)

That means signing up now for £199 and having 2 more instalments of £199 spaced out a month apart

Your Money is Protected With a 30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

And if that wasn’t crazy enough…. 

You are covered with a 30-Day, 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee
Yep! You have no risk!

I know from personal experience what works...

It’s how I was able to help 57 students pass selection in the September, 2019 11+ exams.

I’m so confident…

If you are not completely satisfied within the first 30 days, you can have a full, 100% refund upon request

When Do the Lessons Take Place?

Immediately after signing up, we will send you an availability form via email so that you get to choose your preferred time slots for tuition

Your tuition lessons can be scheduled for any time Monday to Sunday between 8AM to 6PM 

After matching you with the best tutor, based on the schools you are targeting...

We will coordinate your regular tuition time-slots to be within your preferred times

If you ever need to cancel lessons, or would like to changes the dates and times, this is not a problem

(Changing the schedule does NOT incur any charges)

Typically, the 24 lessons included in this package are scheduled as follows:

(1)  Once per week over 24 weeks


(2) Twice per week over 12 weeks

By default, lessons will take place twice per week for students with exams this September

and once per week for students with exams in January 2021 or September 2021

If your child’s exams are imminent (September 2020) and we have less than 12 weeks to go...

We can increase the number of lessons per week to ensure all 24 lessons are completed before your child's exam

For example, 3 per week for 8 weeks

Or scheduling the last few remaining lessons to be on the final weeks leading up to exam day

Each month, we send our clients a monthly update on the number of lessons remaining

and you will have regular support from Nick's assistant, Mytch, and your tutor to adjust the schedule where necessary

All of this is taken care of with you as soon as you sign up and complete the availability form which we send to you via email

Why Do We Only Do Maths?

Unfortunately, the 11+ exam is often a 'money-grab' for inexperienced tuition providers

It is very easy for a tutor to say they will do all subjects and all exams!

However, it is very difficult to provide a truly excellent, industry-leading service without specialising 

Just like when a new house is built...

You need an architect, bricklayers, carpenters, plasterers, painters, roofers, and so on...

The 11+ is similar and a successful strategy is usually the combined effort of a team of people aligned towards the same goal.

We would much rather be the Maths specialist for your child's 11 Plus journey and do this unbelievably well

Which we can back up with our results - such as 57 successful placements in the September 2019 exams

Than just agree to teach all subjects (which I easily could based on the number of requests I get!)

We'd rather focusing on covering all bases, help them overcome their challenges, and build their confidence

For enough money, somebody would probably agree to do build an entire house for you if you paid them

But would you trust that person?

We would rather stick to doing what we do best, and can back up with testimonials, than being 'all things to all people', so to speak!

You Can Make a Fully-Informed Decision

You don’t need to decide yes or no today.

You only need to be open to making a fully-informed decision which can ONLY happen by signing up now and giving it a go

Until you’ve given the course a go, it’s not possible to know if this is right for your child .

In the same way that you don’t buy a house without looking at it first, you can’t know if this is TRULY right for them without trying.

Set the doubts aside, sign up today, get the full experience...

and then decide if you want to continue on with our full support

Because either this is exactly what you're looking for

...Or you get your money back by requesting a full refund within the first 30 days

Which we doubt will happen... but you do have this option!

You can actually EARN money by signing up...

By purchasing this course, you have the option to enrol into Nick's affiliate program

What does this mean?

Well, after you sign up you will have the option to earn money by sending out information about this 1:1 Tuition Package

For everybody that you send a link to, that buys either now, or in the future...

You automatically get a 20% commission, paid to you

(At the courses current price £597, that means £119.40 for every person who you sign up)

This isn't in vouchers or credits... it's in CASH sent to your bank account!

As such, if you sign up 5 parents to this program (ever) you earn your investment back!

You don't need to pay to become an affiliate.

And guess what - there is no limit to how many people you can sign up.

You could earn £1,194 from home, in cash, requires only 10 parents to sign up

Using your link that Nick will provide to you, for free, as well as ready-made template messages you can send out on Facebook, email, WhatApp etc.

So, not only will your child be enrolled into a much-needed course for their 11+...

You can help other families find 11+ support and get paid for it!

Not bad eh?

(This part is completely optional)

Or, If Not, What's the Plan?

COVID-19 puts us into a weird position where students are not receiving lessons at school

Not only are they missing out on lessons

But also the routine, and normality that school provides.

With this package they get into a consistent, stable routine

It will help to structure their days while learning from home

You're under no obligation to sign up

But, if you don't, what's the plan?

When you look back on this in future, you won't regret investing into your child's 11+

Even in tough times, money comes and goes, but a good education lasts a lifetime and opens doors for them

Not only will this help with their 11+ but also their Year 6 SATs and builds a solid foundation ahead of secondary school too

As such, if you're on the fence, know that you CAN sign up to give it a go

Because you'll never know until you try

And now's your best shot!

This Could Be Your Reality!

If You're In, Now's Your Chance!


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